We would like to inform you that the Bed-Stuy Farm Share will be taking a hiatus for the 2013 season.

This past year, we worked hard to cover the bare minimum of what would be necessary to continue the project, but in the end, we felt that it was not enough, and we were unable to find other volunteers to take on the work that we find critical to the success of the project: communication, community building and education. Through our efforts last year we learned that our desire to create direct relationships between farmers and consumers cannot come to fruition without a strong team of volunteers who have the time to build community amongst the members and constantly educate and update the members about the farmland, the farmers, and the food they receive every week.

Consequently, we are taking a break from managing the Farm Share and planning to spend the next year eating with our neighbors and exploring the new community food projects in our neighborhood. We hope that the energy we used to sustain the Bed-Stuy Farm Share the past eight years can be harnessed to engage with the neighborhood and determine what the future of this project should look like. We invite you to do the same and to keep us informed of your thoughts and desires for the future of this group.

To kickstart the process of communication, we have put together a survey of the past year and would really appreciate your feedback.

Our previous farmer, Hector Tejada, for example, is trying out a new model called a “CSA at the Market” this year, where you can get the cost savings of a CSA with the flexibility and choice of the farmers market. Try this and other community food projects out this year! Check out details below.

In the meantime, here are some other options in the area for fresh, local food:

  • Buying Club: Bed Stuy Bounty – check out this buying club run by our very own Melissa Danielle
  • Farmer’s Markets: Conuco Farm’s CSA-in-the-market: Hector Tejada, who was the Bed-Stuy Farm Share farm from 2005-2012, will be giving people bonus dollars towards purchases at his Fort Greene Market stand for people who want to commit to shop there all season. More details here.
  • Malcom X Boulevard Farmer’s Market – Seasonal (July – November) Saturday market located on Malcom X Boulevard between Chauncey and Marion Streets
  • Hattie Carthan Community Farmers Market – Seasonal (July – November) weekend Markets. They also offer Mixed Food baskets throughout the season.
  • NYC Greenmarkets – General Info on NYC Greenmarkets:

Food Co-ops:

  • Greene Hill Food Co-op – 18 Putnam Avenue. Details:
  • Flatbush Food Co-op – 1415 Cortelyou Road.

Other NYC CSAs: You can look into joining another CSA in NYC, but you must be willing to pick up in another neighborhood.

  • Check here for locations of other CSAs or do a Google search of CSA + a neighborhood you frequent.
  • Fresh Food Box Program: 462 Halsey Community Gardens – This is a new initiative with Grow NYC, where you buy a mixed bag of produce from their wholesale farmers.